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All the hoomans died, however Mochadian theorists still don't know when and how it happened. Here are the leading theories, based on known reports.:

2040 North Korean Nuke Crisis

After an unidentified explosion happened over North Korea, they got paranoid and started nuking everyone, nuclear holocaust.

2077 Northeast Korean Nuke Crisis

Similar to the 2040 scenario, scientists hypothesize a separatist group founded Northeast Korea, and proceeded to bomb the shit out of Northwest Korea.

2245 Oil Crisis

In the year 2014, when the second (but less noticeable) peak oil occurred, the price of oil rocketed. Thankfully, the major oil companies used an undisclosed method of conserving oil, which held until 2036.

In 2036, when Apophis began to make a dangerously close pass near earth, the world needed to send spacecraft to nudge it off course. Unfortunately, the amount of petroleum all the launches consumed, and all the food people bought and stored in their fallout shelters, ultimately brought out the collapse of the unknown method of conservation. The only way they could prevent a nuclear war was to do something which was first considered immoral and insane: extract oil and other useful chemicals from humans, and leave them to die. With nearly 9 billion people, this also solved the issue of overpopulation. Governments issued a pro-procreation campaign designed to keep human supply good. This lasted until the 2200's.

In the 2200's, the pro-oil republicans made oil demand higher, where anti-oil democrats lowered it. Since the distribution of presidents is fairly random, there was no problem, even if a few republicans came along, they wouldn't be able to screw up prices enough to destroy the economy. Unfortunately, Democrats didn't actually lower the demand, but instead created a negative feedback loop, centering demand close to supply, meaning the oil demand would never significantly go below supply. A long string of republican presidents resulted in a positive feedback loop, eventually leading to the hypothesized nuclear war earlier. Everyone died.