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This is the sabotage-proof alert system I made in Minecraft. Preferably, lines would be subterranean, level 30 if passing under ocean, level 50 otherwise. This works with any version of Minecraft Past infdev.


Imagine a sender and a receiver on two very distant islands. There are 4 Codes that tell the sender's status:

Sender Codes
Code Status
00 All-clear, daytime.
01 All-clear, nighttime.
10 Standby!
11 Help!

The standby codes means, "We have a problem which we can handle for now, but get ready just in case". These 4 Codes appear to the receiver as:

Sender Codes
Code Status
010 All-clear, daytime.
100 All-clear, nighttime.
001 Standby!
111 Help!

The new bit is a parity bit, however, it has moved to the center and the code is reversed, this is only the way I built it in my world. If you have it normally:

Sender Codes
Code Status
001 All-clear, daytime.
010 All-clear, nighttime.
100 Standby!
111 Help!

This is good, except it can be sabotaged. Let's say you're the saboteur. You want the signal to appear normal during the day and night, so you disconnect A and hook B to B and !B to the parity bit. Now it'll appear as if the station never has issues! If the station gives a standby alert during night, the receiving station will detect that and send a signal error signal. Even if the saboteur disconnected that, it's moot since the sender is not requesting help. However, if the sender sends a "Help!" signal during day, the receiving station will detect that and send an error. But wait, the sender doesn't get the error, or what if it's night!? The sender desperately needs aid repelling an invading army! How do we mitigate this issue?

The Solution

The obvious solution is to have the sender toggle the B bit once per second (or twice, doesn't matter as long as the receiver gets it.). To the receiving station, The signal will say, "NIGHT DAY NIGHT DAY...". The receiving station interprets this as a system malfunction, sends a signal error signal, and recognizes that such a signal means "Help!".

But what if the saboteur is on site, changing the time from night to day by hand, with aid of a clock? In this case, you hire an armed guard to run back and forth along the line. When the guard doesn't return on time as expected, more guards will me dispatched to investigate. Once the threat is removed, a mechanic can fix the line (Which should be done daily, anyways).