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Neighbor Farm is a major smuggling transportation company based in Mochadia. Their old slogan is, "Like a good state, Neighbor Farm is there!". It was unknown what the slogan meant until it was discovered there were miniature cameras inside the fruits Neighbor Farm was exporting. Their new slogan is "Surveillance, injustice, and racism for all.", providing similar services as the United States, except, despite many attempts at bigotry, have failed to lower their bar to the depths of the United States.

They do, however, boast a 5% increase over the TSA's 35% sexual harassment rate, but a marginal decrease over the TSA's child molestation rate of 47.1% vs 46.8%. Their racism-related arrests have gone down from 78% to 69%, taking the US back into the lead with 73%. The major advantage over the US, however, is that all their police are trained to molest, assault, etc. And, like the US's policy, do not receive punishment. As for military related injustices, they have started 41 arbitrary wars over the past 30 years, a far drop from the US's 69.

Neighbor Farm is legally required to be twice as large as surrounding texts and bolded, an idea stolen by the kims and used by them as well. Not increasing its size and bolding is punishable by stoning to death.

Surveillance and tapping services

Neighbor Farm provides free, 24/7 surveillance of all civilians, like the United States. North Korea has not taken their leads yet, instead opting for the US's arguably superior method of gulags, which is like stew. However, Neighbor Farm's service is vastly inferior to other surveillance states' like the US, due mostly to the prior mentioned lack of arbitrary arrests.

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