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Mochous Acid is something. It's uh... interesting. Very surreal behavior. It emits cyan light via the same unknown process as all Mochite compounds, the Mochite Anomaly, but is far less radioactive, creates a mild magnetic field and violently reacts with water to produce, incredibly usefully, oxygen and hydrogen through an unknown process. Mochous Acid and is safely neutralized by Sodium Nitrate to produce Sodium Mochite and Nitric Acid.

NaNO3 + HMO → HNO3 + NaMO

It is important in the manufacture of Mochite canisters, to keep Mochite crystals uniformly radioactive. The uniform radioactivity is important, but it is unknown as to why, though it is likely linked to the Mochite anomaly as well.

Despite it's apparent stability, again, it needs heavy protection against any water. Opening it in normal air causes a reaction to immediately occur to, again, produce Hypomochite gas. The whole process (Contact, poisoning, death) can happen in just a few seconds. Ingesting Mochous Acid will likely result in death, but the acid itself is completely harmless to the human body. Its scent is usually described to be somewhat like seawater.