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We would like to think we have learned from all our mistakes. And what we have learned is this: Every sentient being matters.

- Scroll of Order II

Because every sentient being matters, it is incumbent on us to provide every sentient being with peace, security, opportunity, health, and education.

- Scroll of Order III

Because every sentient being matters, we provide every citizen with a voice. Each is allowed to express opinions and participate in government as they see fit.

- Scroll of Order IV

The Mochadian Government has three primary branches: The Imperatoris, ducis, and comitis branches. There is a regular congress for each, though because there is only one imperator mochadiae, that congress is nearly nonexistent.

Official Holdays

There are many official holidays.


Galactic holidays are holidays observed by all mochadian states.

Mochadia Day

Mochadia day (2-13) is an official galactic holiday that celebrates the formation of mochadia, often celebrated with fireworks and on one occasion (2500AM), even the destruction of an entire planet. This is one of the few holidays where citezens are allowed a day off work.

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