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The Entire Planet.

Mocha City is the capital of Mochadia, and takes up nearly a tenth of the entire planet. It has a very large population and has a quickly growing economy. The entire city is powered by many Mochite Power Converters, and is very well defended, with plasma shields, ancient walls, and the largest army in the Mochadia Galaxy. There is also a large commercial district, and a slightly smaller, though still large industrial district (Oh, Mochite dust! Don't breathe this!).


The city is situated about twenty kilokols from the coast, centered on the Nonami river. The river, and many surrounding freshwater ponds, provided an easy to use water source for the earliest settlers. The region also had a large pine population, but didn't have too much fauna living in the area. The geography hasn't changed much in time.


The city began as the capital of Mochadia before it was a galactic empire. It was the largest city on the planet by far, and after Mochadia conquered all other nations on the planet, the city grew immensely. It's been the target of many terrorist attacks and sieges over the centuries, but that hasn't stopped it from becoming the endlessly growing metropolis it is today.


Originally, the city used to be nearly entirely Mochadian. After the conquering of all other nations on the planet the foreign population grew a lot. Now, less than 1% of the population are descendants of the original Mochadians, although 70% are of Mochadian species. 27% are Fluffians, and the other 3% are other species.


The city's economy is heavily dependent on manufactured goods and banking. The city itself produces few raw materials, but the rest of the planet does have a rich supply of a variety of resources. The planet itself has the second fastest growing economy in the galaxy, only second to the empire of the Canon Empire, Gladasius.


Mocha City has 9 unoffiacial regions that are used in everyday conversation, since the official regions are numerous.

  • The Outskirts - Primarily Agricultural
  • The Midlands - Suburbs
  • The Inner City - Comprises:
    • North - Suburbs and a few commercial Districts, one of the Nicest Places to be.
    • University - Comprises Mochadian University, and surrounding apartments.
    • Old Mocha City - Older buildings, the only place where the roads are cobblestone instead of Plasma, Concrete or Asphalt.
    • Beach - The beach, lots of hotels here.
    • Mocha Park - A large park with a few museums.
    • Downtown - Towering commercial offices
    • Industrial - You don't wanna live here.


  • The city covering a large part of the planet was partially based off Coruscant.
  • There is a fiction page on SporeWiki for this, but it's puny.

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