This page is to document to what extent certain plants have been genetically modified. Bleh.

Item Scientific Name GMO? Affected Cultivars Cultivation History
Apple malus domestica All All. Wild Apples (malus sieversii) are unaffected. Cultivated since antiquity. Malus sieversii is native to the steppes, and looks similar to Galas.
Banana musa genus Most All except wild varieties. Cultivated since before 5000 BCE. Native ranges of natural varieties extend from Southeast Asia to Indonesia.
Cocoa theobroma cacao No None known. Cultivated since antiquity. Native range extends from Central America to the Amazon.
Lemon citrus × limon All All. Cultivated since antiquity. Thought to have been first grown near Assam.
Lime various Some Varies between species. Cultivated since antiquity. The native range of natural varieties is centered around Mesopotamia.
Orange citrus × sinensis Most All except mandarins. Cultivated since ca. 2500 BCE. Mandarines' native range is Southeast Asia.
Oregano origanum vulgare No None. Cultivated since antiquity. Native to the Mediterranean.
Wheat triticum genus Few Some cultivars. Cultivated since antiquity. Native to Mesopotamia.