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  • Ástródmùvéndo - The process of sending several landers with engines an a small[1] asteroid or moon, and alter their orbit so they shall be captured by mocha, typically for mining purposes.
  • Ástródmínménto - The process of mining an asteroid.[2] Typically, around 9 M3 of rock can be processed daily. They take ores and minerals, and after the mining is complete, by law, what they do not want, they must cut it into chunks not exceeding the following sizes based upon the Làvínse Trete,[3] and deorbit the debris. The industries typically cut them just below the upper limit, resulting in bright shooting stars over equatorial regions lucky enough to see them.


  • One of the first mishaps to occur happened Kùàdémbr 2, 3124 ÁK, when hundreds of 2 Kol asteroid debris from another deorbiting destroyed the mining station on a 165 Kol icy asteroid, causing a malfunction in which the deorbiting engines fired early,[4] causing the asteroid to deorbit early. Fortunately, due to the fact the asteroid slowed down more than it would've otherwise, it impacted an uninhabited area of the northern jungle, the resulting crater is 950 Kol in diameter, and has a depth of 130 Kol. To date, this is the worst impact ever, and because of this, now only one deorbit can be performed per 6 hours.
  • The second mishap to occur, was when a Fluffian cargo freighter collided into a 30 Kol icy asteroid at high speeds, causing it enter the atmosphere at 30 km/S and explode with a force of 250 Kilomakols of TNT while at an altitude of 4500 Kol.
  • The third mishap was caused by a terrorist group hijacking a 20 Kol icy asteroid, and tried to aim for Mocha City, but went way off course and exploded with a force of 260 Kilomakols of TNT while at an altitude of 10500 Kol about 4500 Kol west from Mocha city, in the ocean.
  • The fourth mishap was a similar event just two months later by the same group, the asteroid was 40 M and exploded with a force of 150 Kilomakols of TNT 39000 Kol in the air about 2450 Kol northwest of mocha city.
  • The fifth mishap was a similar event a week later by the same group, using about a dozen pre-cut 3 Kol icy asteroids accelerated from the standard 20 km/S to 70 km/S and exploded with a force of 110 Kilomakols of TNT 26000 Kol in the air about 3300 Kol northeast of mocha city.
  • An attempted mishap was a similar event a year later by the same group, hijacking a 335 Kol asteroid, but accelerated it too much, and ended up escaping the system, hitting the planet Vénkor[5] 23 years later, and impacted the ground at a speed of 21 km/S, resulting in a massive crater with a diameter of 5300 Kol and a depth of 430 Kol.


  1. With a diameter typically between 3 Kol and the legal limit of 1500 Kol, although mining of the asteroids in the α belt allows a 3500 Kol maximum diameter, and 7000 Kol for the β Belt.
  2. Nowadays typically preceded by the Ástródmùvéndo of that asteroid
  3. "MAXIMUM RADIUS: ICE-3 Kol FIFTY-2.5 Kol ROCK-2 Kol"
  4. Because of which all mining stations must have a protected systems.
  5. Mars-Class Planet, with an order of 4
6. 1 Makol = 27 Kilograms